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German Programs in the USA

Note: Look for the [!] to find the best collections of links for Germanists and students of German.

U.S.A.—currently 580 German programs have links here.
All U.S. German programs at 4-year post-secondary institutions which offer information on the Web are presented here. For a complete reference of North American German programs and faculty, consult the Monatshefte / Max Kade Institute Directory of German Studies 2000, which is now available. If you are interested in mailing labels, contact Monatshefte (follow the link here). Note as well that this Web site's content is independent from that operation and was built from scratch.
In mid-1999 I updated all notes below indicating the highest degree offered in German (studies) and the number of permanent German faculty (ranks "Lecturer" and above). These notes are based on the information given in the Web pages of the departments. I do include degree programs titled e.g. "Modern Languages" as long as they allow a single concentration in German. Ph.D. programs are in boldface. "Language" indicates that no degree is offered; however, coursework there may still include upper-level instruction. I am willing to update these notes if that institution contacts me directly.


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